Being the Universal Public Friend of Facebook… Not a wise career move.

Posted: July 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
So, I follow Adrianne Curry on Facebook, because she is a cosplayer and an Internet nerd, so I find that particularly interesting.  Sometimes though, people that follow celebrities can be a bit brutal about feeling the need to defend them at all cost, as if there is some kind of spiritual kindred connection between them.  I disagreed with Ms. Curry in something she wrote because I did not have all the facts of what she was speaking about, unbeknownst to me.  It happens, I’m only human and maybe I got a little ahead of myself posting on something which i didn’t know all the facts on – I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong and apologize for it.  Below is the conversation.

I’ve been turning down tons of press. It is making me feel awkward to get play on an incident that violated my friend. I said my piece. I appreciate the kind words…it just makes me feel awkward. I’d rather the press be about my awesome costumes.

I AM proud that rape culture is a hot topic. I’ve been grabbed and assaulted my whole life…even just trying to make my way thru a crowd at a concert (dressed in jeans and a T!)

Gentleman, don’t excuse your drunk friend for slapping an ass….punch him in the fucking face. Downplaying violating another person’s body makes you as guilty as the fuck who did it.

I hate to disagree with you, but I must. While your attitude about rape culture is certainly justified, you cannot justify violence for a non-violent act of harassment.
It is correct to publicly humiliate and shame someone for the act of ass-grabbing (which is a manner of assault) and you can physically have them ejected for violation of the rules and good manners (and I would smile along with many others if I heard that the bouncer “accidentally” slammed the cretin into the doorframe on the way outside and broke his nose)…
However, a line must be drawn to signify the difference between physical harassment and physical assault. While I have no problem breaking every last bit of bone in a person’s face for physically assaulting a woman or child, my right to punch someone who has physically harassed another ends at the tip of my nose.

Apparently by disagreeing with Ms. Curry, I opened myself up to harassment, ridicule and trolling…


      Maren Ironfist Lacy Yeah you’re totally right, physical harassment should never be stopped with force–let bystanders be bystanders right?

      No. The answer is a resounding no.

      Tara Racca Non-violent act of harrassment? Seriously? She was physically, sexually and mentally assaulted and violated! Until you have had it happen to you, don’t you ever say it wasn’t violent! It is one of the most violent things that can happen to a person, especially a woman.
      Scott Paul Morgan I didn’t say that physical harassment should not be stopped with force.

      Stop reading INTO what I wrote and read what I wrote.

      Nobody has the right to touch another person in an inappropriate manner, and while I may not know you, I would unquestionably put myself in the line of physical harm to protect someone else, BECAUSE I HAVE, and when you are married to someone, it is what you know you are expected to do.

      I did not downplay her situation, nor am I blaming the victim. Too many people talk a good game without accepting that there are consequences for acts of aggression, and unless you intend on making your sons, brothers and husbands risk having a felony record for physically assaulting someone that can be just as easily shown the door out, you should seriously reconsider asking that of a complete stranger.

      By the way, I know you aren’t seriously wishing me to be the victim of violence and sexual assault, as you or I would not wish that upon anyone.

      Tara Racca I’m not reading INTO what you wrote but clearly what you did indeed say: you cannot justify violence for a non-violent act of harrassment.

      She had her bottoms yanked down while she was next to a child and the guy tried to stick his finger *inside* her body.

      Just because you wouldn’t risk “a felony” as you put it, doesn’t mean others won’t.

      Scott Paul Morgan I was not aware that someone tried to penetrate her with his finger. That is sexual assault. That is another matter, and I would break anyone’s fingers for such an action while turning them over to the police for processing.
      Melinda Lambert Gabriel whoa Scott Paul Morgan……….it WAS a violent act of harassment as the man put his FINGER in Alicia Marie‘s bathing suit bottom and pulled it down……….so kindly remember that the ONLY reason it didn’t go any farther is he was caught before he could continue
      Tara Racca Nice edit Scott, implying I’m wishing sexual assault on anyone. Talk about reading into things. You clearly have issues if you’re going to add that to your already fucked up view point of what sexual assault is and isn’t.
      Tara Racca Non-violent act of harrassment? Seriously? She was physically, sexually and mentally assaulted and violated! Until you have had it happen to you, don’t you ever say it wasn’t violent! It is one of the most violent things that can happen to a person, especially a woman.”
      Scott Paul Morgan I am PLENTY kind. And I was putting out some general information without addressing the specifics of a situation that I had NOTHING to do with.

      I also do not have to defend myself to people who know nothing about me, yet feel the need to read things into what I write as if they do.

      Clearly, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you. If you can’t take what I have posted without taking it out of context, that’s clearly your baggage and not mine. I didn’t know the full story about what happened in a particular incident, and I am not going to apologize to strangers over my honest opinion, albeit unintentionally ignorant.

      Peace and Love.

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I apologized to Adrianne Curry directly after she responded to me directly about my post, and I apologized for my unintentional ignorance, not for sharing information or my opinion.  I may be wrong about my opinion, but I’m inclined not to think that I am, and I am entitled to it just like she is entitled to hers.  However, it was very tiring and depressing to have a bunch of strangers just throw down judgements on me and spit on me like I was the sacrificial lamb for a bloodthirsty crowd.  However, it seemed that our discussion was in fact fruitful and that other guys seemed to chime in that they GOT IT.


  • Adrianne Curry Scott Paul Morgan sorry..i don’t have any regrets for hitting him. I’ve been raped..mested..and was fondled by someone who ran away before I could even see them just the day before in my poison ivy outfit. I’ve fucking had it..i am sick and tired and have 0 fucking compassion. For a man trying to finger my friends butthole while she has her arm around a CHILD for a photo….that is exposing. Children to sexual crap. I’m not ashamed and wish I had beat him even more than I did. He did not just grab, he tried to pull her pants down and was trying to put his finger in her damn crack
    • Scott Paul Morgan Knowing that… That is sexual assault, and I have had experience with acting as a bodyguard and security officer to protect women from sexual assault and violence. I am not saying that hitting him wasn’t justified, and it brings attention to the issue. I hope he was arrested and I am glad that it opens up the discussion about rape culture and rights of self defense. Thank you for speaking out.
    • Martyn Griffiths Beat him, hell, I wish you’d broken his fucking jaw. But it’s awesome that you beat him at all. Just brilliant.
    • Emily Nelson Abentroth Yup. Fuck that guy, fuck their comfort in being despicable people.
    • Stephen King III There shouldn’t be any regrets for hitting that guy. Definitely deserved it.



Ok, so I was trying to address a serious issue, and it seemed like I threw a rock in the pond and scared the fish, but the ripples were felt by some people… But I have a lot going on in my own life and to be honest, I’m no celebrity, and I’m not some trolling starfucker trying to ride on the back of the success of some adult who still plays dress-up and apparently makes a good living jiggling her tits and ass in a public display of geek convention adult entertainment.  I posted on Facebook my disgust that there are people out there in California who glom onto celebrities and it empowers them to shit all over well-meaning people who just want to share their opinions on Facebook and have an open discussion about how to make life better and safer for the kids.  But the last thing people want to hear is:

“Hey, maybe you should take more precaution to hire bodyguards and stop being so fucking naive that the world is a safe place without weirdos sitting in their basements building bombs and acquiring firearms to shoot up a school or movie theater.  Sorry your friend got her ass grabbed in public… boo-fucking-hoo… there are people who are killing other people in Gaza because or religious differences…You are pandering to the geeks and nerds and their fantasies and that is the only reason that people think you are interesting.  Quit bitching about your lifestyle’s woes.”


I feel sick… I am tired.. I am worried about employment, money issues and my health.

Enough of the discussions of other people’s problems and tribulations, I have to get on campus and find out if I will be transferring to another college so I can afford to complete my education. I have enough of my own work to do this week to be your “imaginary Facebook advocate”.

Sorry about race and religious and political issues and that people just don’t know how to get along with each other on the street or at a cosplay convention, but I am tapping out.. I don’t have the emotional energy to argue with people who won’t learn to swim for themselves as they try and drag me down with them.

Learn to swim, bitches, I am praying for rain and tidal waves.


Had a discussion with my wife about rape culture and geek culture and how Cosplay and SDCC brought out the worst in that whole scene.

The problem is that you cannot blame the aggressor who probably is a decent person in everyday life and knows during the day where that fine line is of correct behavior… Nor can you blame the victim for dressing sexier at a fantasy convention where the lines get a little blurry for some on what proper etiquette is.. Most of them probably never went to a fetish convention and know what a safeword is. You have a perfect storm at SDCC in a place that is known for the porn industry being its home, where the nerd gets the jock’s beautiful cheerleader girlfriend and rapes her and the audience cheers.

There is a reason why the SCA looks down on cosplayers and larpers who get into their fantasy roles and dress up as superheroes while still holding onto the shards of victim mentality. If you are going to fly with Superman and fall with Batman, make sure they are the heroes that you want to accompany yourself when the costumes are off afterwards and that you keep your Catwoman claws handy in case you need them. Your view of reality is not necessarily that of the 20 year old nerd boy at the show who is being overwhelmed with sexuality and the goings on that he doesn’t know where the fantasy stops and reality starts.

Be aware of the company you keep.


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